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Southern Maine Real Estate High End SF Pricing


Doing some analysis for a client the other day on the available stock of property in the 500-700K range in the greater Portland Maine real estate markets, specifically Cape Elizabeth, South Portland, Falmouth and the West End, here is what the numbers reveal for average sq footage, cost/sq. footage, taxes and days on market for these high end Southern Maine communities.

                          Properties     Sq Footage     Cost/Sq. Foot       Taxes        Days on Market
South Portland         8                  2991               $202                   $5,362          107
West End                7                  3035               $242                   $7,024            85
Falmouth                49                 3100               $212                   $5,675           141
Cape Elizabeth        15                  2674              $239                   $6,315             61

Falmouth has a high number of new construction listings with 20 out of the 49 accounted for not having been built yet. The West End consists primarily of town homes in this price range whilst Cape Elizabeth and South Portland are a mix of older traditional homes coupled with newer contemporary construction.

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