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Portland Maine Real Estate 2009 Review


How did the largest city in Maine fare in 2009.  It seems on average most municipalities  lost about 10% of their market value in 2009 compared with 2008.  Overall prices in the southern and mid coastal real estate markets have retraced to 2003/2004 values.  Portland Maine real estate appears to have fared a bit better than the average.  Combined single family and condo values were down approximately 5% whilst broken out single family homes lost only 3% to4% of their value and condo’s were closer to 10%.

Transaction volume was down slightly relative to 2008, but most of this drop came from less condo’s selling as single family transactions were flat to slight up.

Going forward it seems the stage is set for a buying and selling frenzy in the real estate markets of southern Maine with prices having stabilized, the deadline of the tax credit looming and continued low interest rates.

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