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Portland Maine Condo Appreciation


Is there a difference between condo pricing and single family home pricing in the Portland Maine real estate markets. Below is an analysis on the current condo market in Portland and to follow will be a single family home analysis for comparison.

Currently in Portland there are 243 condo properties on the market with an average asking price of 294K.

The breakdown of price points is as follows:

Under 200K    200-300K    300-500K    500K +
80          97              43             25

Here is a look at the number of properties sold, the average price and year upon year appreciation for Portland condos.  The total appreciation has been 96% for the entire time period.
Year    # Sold    Avg Price    Yearly Appreciation
2007       220    246K                 3%
2006       312    239K                -5%
2005       368    252K                 11%
2004       296    228K                 19%
2003       250    192K                 15%
2002       220    167K                 11%
2001       168    151K                 20%
2000       165    126K

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