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Bath vs Brunswick real estate prices


The Iron Works (Bath) vs the Naval Air Station (Brunswick). A comparison of pricing between the 2 mid-coastal Maine towns. With the housing markets sluggish, heading north from Portland about 30 minutes you arrive at Brunswick, home of Bowdoin college and hosting a variety of great restaurants and culture. Traveling another 10 minutes east you hit Bath, nestled on the Kennebec river.

                                 Bath           Brunswick
# Sold 2007              108               227
Avg Sold Price          190K             263K
Current Inventory      97               175
Avg. Asking Price      242K             289K

With twice the inventory and a 38% higher average sold price 3 primary factors for Brunswick’s higher pricing include:
1) Double the size of Bath. (20,000 vs.10,000 approximately)
2) 10 minutes closer to Portland
3) Home to Bowdoin College

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