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Waterfront Real Estate in Maine Update


As spring attempts to makes its way to the state of Maine.. here is a look at how the Maine waterfront real estate market is faring.  As of today from the border with New Hampshire up through the mid coastal housing region of Boothbay Harbor a total of  about 3039 total listings are for sale in the region closer to the coast and just over 600 of these listings are market in the Maine MLS system as being pure waterfront properties.  Of these 600.. the median asking price is $549,000..the average asking price is $825,000.. the highest price property is 6 Million and the lowest is $60,000.

Overall the waterfront market segment has continued to be slow as the 2nd home housing market has died down, but as prices in Maine continue to stabilize I personally have beenn showing more waterfront property as of late and the believe we shall see a stronger recovery in this market going forward.

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