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Update on Shoreland Zoning Legislature


I had written in a previous posting about shoreland zoning changes and the public outcry against them.  From the Maine Association of Realtors here is an update.

  LD 1477 is the Department’s bill and is sponsored by Rep Koffman, chair of Natural Resources Committee.  LD 1014 is Senator Kevin Raye’s bill.  Hearings on both bills ave been held and were very well attended by  members of MAR and members of the property rights group known as PRAM.  The legislators were very attentive to all the concerns expressed.  A compromise appears to be in the works which would reduce the feeding, staging and roosting areas currently shown as green areas on the maps to just roosting areas.  The old feeding and staging areas would appear as purple on new maps.  The roosting areas (new green) would stay at the 250 foot setback rule, with cutting restrictions (Impacting view—which we oppose).  The new purple feeding and staging areas would go from current 250 to 75 with view cutting restrictions  or 100 feet with no cutting restrictions beyond current timber cutting in a shoreland area restrictions.

 The DEP offered (not in the current bill) to change the inland wading bird restrictions to match current law of 250 setbacks from wetlands, and 100 feet from shores of lakes and ponds (also current law).  The DEP bill makes the new provisions retroactive to June 8, 2006 to protect transactions which occurred last summer.  LD 1014 is not retroactive, but Senator Raye agrees with that change.  Senator Raye’s bill also grandfathers lots existing of record on September 8, 2006.  That provision is likely not to pass.  He also seeks setbacks of 150 feet rather than 250 feet which we would support but does not seem to have the  support of the committee.


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