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The Portland Maine Whole Foods Real Estate Boost


Trying to think what interests people and having just done a bike tour searching out multi units in and around the East End of Portland, the love of food coupled with the desire for lucrative investments in Maine real estate  I thought perhaps a brief commentary on how I feel the local region surround the behemouth will fare over the coming years was a good subject for conversation. Driving down 295 one can’t help but notice the beacon of development Whole Foods represents.  Coupled with the newer Planet fitness next door, the Back Cove a stones throw away and the push of the city to redevelop the bayside area, the real estate, although a little rough around the edges has great potential I believe.   The brick warehouses on Kennebec streed I envision as loft condos, the single family and duplexes on streets such as Alder, Oxford, Chestnut, Hanover and Elm to name a few, shall be bought, renovated and brought back to their original splendor and  the removal and infill of the local junk yards and city of Portland public works buildings will bring larger mixed used retail, commercial and residential proprety. The area is ripe for improvement,  keep an eye on it.Â

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