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Plum Creek and Passamaquoddy Bay


The continual struggle between development with conservation!  Two prime examples in Maine include Plum Creek’s ongoing proposal to create 975 plus homes and 2 resorts on over 421,000 acres of land around Moosehead Lake and a movement to construct a LNG terminal on Passamaquoddy Bay.

  Perhaps one of the most controversial projects ever in Maine, Plum Creek, from Seattle,  released it will go back to the drawing board once again after feedback from the Maine Land Use Regulation Committee and other state agencies on their Northern Woods project.   Despite promising to place permenantly in to conservation over 400,000 acres of timberland, this ongoing struggle illustrates the difficulty in trying to economically revitalize a depressed area whilst preserving pristine wildlife.  Read more here….

Just recently Yellow Wood Associatate of Vermont released part one of a two part economic report detailing the impact of a Liquid Natural Gas terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay. More details to be found here, but the basic synopsis was that the detrimental effects to land values coupled with safety/infrastructure costs would not be offset by the promised economic benefits.  It is important to note however that this report was commission by Save Passamaquoddy Bay, an oppenent of the development. 

Thus being an environmentalist or a real estate developer finding the right balance between conservation and economic growth is never as easy as it may seem. 


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