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Maine October Housing statistics


Following the trend seen last month the total properties sold in the 4 counties remained significantly down from a year prior. Avg. pricing for both Southern Maine (York and Cumberland) and mid coastal Maine (Sagadahoc and Lincoln) remained flat throughout. A slightly higher price in Sagadahoc can be attributed to a small sample size. (Note: York million dollar home sales were removed from data due to abnormal high number, actual avg. sold price was 338K). Days on Market continue to fluctuate greatly throughout all areas followed. Inventories were down significantly in all 4 counties which is typical for this time of year. Get the complete Maine newsletter with housing statistics here.

   October 2007 (October 2006) (Yearly % Change)
                        # Sold                          Avg. Price

York                210(249)(-16%)         286K (290K)(-1%)
Cumberland    280 (357)(-22%)      312K (313K)(0%)
Sagadahoc      35 (31)(12%)            236K (216K)(14%)
Lincoln            44 (45)(-3%)           286K (294K)(-3%)

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