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Maine Multi-Unit Inventories


Recently I have been doing a fair amt of statistical research on real estate in Maine, specifically mulit units and residential property in the southern portions of the state.   I belive multi-unit pricing has weathered this past downturn/flatlining in pricing better than residential due primariy to a shrinking of rental proprety inventory as units have been converted to condos and the unaffordable prices of many would be first time home buyers whom must rent vs. own for the time being.   A brief overview below on select multi-unit markets.  Please visit the Housing Statistics or Investment section of my primary website http://www.mymaineproperty.com/  for greater in-depth analysis

As of 1-15-07

Inventory:                  80
Avg. Cost/Unit:          133K
Low:   200K               High:   2 M 

South Portland
Inventory:                  13
Avg. Cost/Unit:          117K
Low:   199K               High:   394K 

Inventory:                  29
Avg. Cost/Unit:          107K
Low:   171K               High:  679K

Inventory:                  16
Avg. Cost/Unit:          133K
Low:   210K               High:   1.2 M 

Inventory:                  104
Avg. Cost/Unit:          75K
Low:   85K                 High:   1.5 M

Inventory:                  53
Avg. Cost/Unit:          73K
Low:   124K               High:   724K 

Inventory:                  22
Avg. Cost/Unit:          85K
Low:   120K               High:   500K 




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