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Maine Home Buyers and Sellers Profile


Historically this blogs primary focus has been on housing statistics to help Maine buyers and sellers track the southern, Portland and mid coastal housing markets,  but as my business has grown and I have created many micro blogs such as PortlandMaineHome.com and CapeElizabethHomesforSale.com to focus more specifically on individual markets I have decided to make a greater effort to provide more useful and hopefully more enjoyable reading material to a larger audience  Note: The primary focus of this blog  is still to track local ME real estate markets.

With that said, I came across this sweet report posted at the Maine Association of Realtor’s entitled “2009 Profile of Home Buyes and Sellers: Maine Report.

This 24 page report produced by the National Association of Realtors has all sorts of cool facts, figures and comparisons between the Maine Home Buyer and the Maine Seller compared to the US as a whole as well as geographical regions within the USA.   For instance, Maine had the largest % of first time home buyers clocking in at 54% compared with a US average of 47%. Way to go MAINE!! :)

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John Herrigel

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