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Maine Business rankings released by Forbes Magazine


The verdict is in once again, 48th out of 50 on best places to do business. Well at  least it can’t get much worse.  The only states outranking us were Louisiana and West Virgina.  Coming as no big surprise since as 2 years prior we tallied a 46th ranking in the same pole.  Broken down into 5 categories, the one area we did rank in the 25, a 16th in quality of life, so just because nobody wants to do move their business here, plenty still want to relocate and retire in Maine.  We ranked 27th on labor (educational attainment, net migration and projected population growth), 30th in economic climate (current job, income and gross state product growth, unemployment and the presence of large employers), 42nd in growth prospects (projected job,…income and GSP growth, business openings and closings, and venture capital investment), 43rd on business costs (labor, energy and taxes) and  we bottom out at 46th on regulatory environment (regulatory and tort climate, incentives, transportation and bond ratings)Â

Oh well, the Maine Lobster will have its day.. Read the complete story here

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