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LD 1481 Real Estate Development


Last June, Governor Baldacci vetoed legislature that would have put limits on the ability of residents in municipalities to retroactively block approved developments.  Promising to study the issue and present a better solution, here we are in February with seeminginly no progress having been made. The net result being a slowdown in Maine real estate development as interested parties and “big box” companies like Wal Mart must grapple with the uncertainty that they may be approved for a development by the local planning board yet town residents then have the ability to overturn the veto the approval.

 I personally don’t support Wall Mart’s popping up all over the Maine coastline, but it is necessary to have rules and laws that are just that, rules and laws that can’t be changed at the whim of a few residents.  If a town doesn’t want a certain type of development it should be written into their ordinances before a would be proposal is debated and approved and then later told it is no longer allowed to build.   

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