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How to find property for sale in Maine


In Maine as with every other state there is a centralized database that licensed real estate agents input new listing into called MREIS IDX or the Maine Real Estate Information System IDX better known by most as the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) The database contiains “listed” property for sale in 4 basic categories residential, multi unit, land, and commerical.

This database then populates (with a time delay) property seach functions on company and agent real estate websites including the best nationwide site to search Realtor.com. When using sites other than Realtor.com, be sure you see the following at the bottom of the screen or be vary wary of where this data is coming from.

As the internet continues to transform the industry of real estate new arenas for finding property exist. The MREIS and corresponding search functions are still leaps and bounds ahead of competing sites and thus maintain the most comprehensive database of current listings on the market in Maine, but one should not overlook the For Sale by Owner websites including:

MaineMLS.com – Assist to Sell in Maine, not related to MLS as all!!!
Craigslist.org – Fast growing, free

As of late advanced but userfriendly mapping technolgies have become readily available to would be entrepreneurs and start of companies.  Try going to Google and typing in “real estate” and see what happens. If you have not been to www.zillow.com, I recommend you try this site as well to see this new breed of real estate technology.  

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