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Welcome to Maine Property Blog


Where to begin, perhaps the mission of this site.

“To provide interesting and useful news, commentary and statistics on the Maine real estate market, drawing on infomation from local, regional and national sources”

Having the idea to create a common forum for discussion many moons ago it has taken me this long to finally get the project up and running.  What can you expect here?  At first during the ramp up, a lot of blank pages as I attempt to populate the various sections of the site.

About me highlights:

  • Born in Chatham, NJ in 1979
  • Spent all my summers on the coast of Maine in Phippsburg
  • Moved to Maine permanently in 2002 residing in Portland on Congress street and later moving into my first home on Ocean Avenue
  • Began my real estate career in affordable housing real estate development with Eagle Point Enterprises
  • Been a residential and investment broker for the past 2 years full time
  • Prior to real estate did web design, handyman business, hospitality industry and sailing instructor
  • Some of my favorite hobbies include anything with the ocean, fixing up my homes, learning about new subjects, spending time with family and friends

Please provide comments on what you do and don’t like about the site, what you would like to see more of and how I can help you in real estate.

Thanks for visiting and check back often.

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