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Green Home Resources


With great appreciation from a friend who forwarded me this list. 

General Resources

Building Green 

List of  Architects 

Green Design Blogs 

Residential wind power 

Other Sources 

  • http://www.thegreenguide.com/ This guide has in-depth product reports (on light bulbs, diapers and so on), blogs and a comfy feeling; especially good on health and nutrition. 
  • http://www.dannyseo.typepad.com/ Mr. Seo, an eco-friendly designer, blogs about ways to greenify your home, inside and out. 
  • http://www.energystar.gov/ Good conversion data is available here. Also, while some may find their eyes glazing over at descriptions of Energy Star-rated appliances, it’s interesting to check out differences between what you have and what’s available now. 
  • http://www.aceee.org/ The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy offers refreshingly straightforward information for both regular folks and wonks. 
  • http://www.nrdc.org/ The National Resources Defense Council weighs in with good policy papers on almost every aspect of the environment — air, water, cities, waste, etc. 
  • http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/ This site lets users join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March (in about as much time as it takes to read this sentence twice). It also has consumer tips. 


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