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Green Home Building and LEED Standards


Winter has finally hit Maine and with it year round residents are reminded of how expensive this season can be.  As I hear my oil burner continually purrr in the background the thought of green homes and their beneficial tax treatment coupled with long term social and economic benefits has led me into a deeper investigation.

What is “green home”? A green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier for the people living inside.

What is LEED?  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Originaly a certificaton system for commercial buildings with 4 levels of acheivement; Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum, since 2004 the system has been used for  residential homes.  The qualifications and standards are stringent and the costs simply to be tested range from $500 – $3000, but the benefits, particulary for builders seem to perhaps outweight the extra expenses and hassels.

Currently Maine has 2 LEED certified homes, both in Freeport, but with a significant list of LEED registered builders in Maine as well as 6 projects in the works, this classification system is well worth a look.

 Find out more at the Maine Chapter of the US Green Building Council

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