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Discrimination in Maine Housing Found


Test results released yesterday by Pine Tree Legal Assisance showed that 20% of 144 sample tenant/landlord cases resulted indiscrimination with the highest discrimination with regard to poor people 29&.  In the tests a subject called about renting a place whom was supposedly on goverment assistance and then called back a 2nd time to inform the landlord that they had lost their assistance.  In 29% of these cases the party was told the unit was now unvailable.  Other areas of discrimination were found in mothers with a single child looking to rent a 1-bedroom unit and prospective tenants with foreign accents who had to call on avearge 5-6 times more than  a non-accented speaker. Any Maine real estate investor owneing multi units (duplexes are excluded from fair housing standards) should take notice and be familiar with US fair housing rules and regulations policies, the state of Maine policies and also their local city/town government standards of conduct. 

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