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Conservation of the Northern Maine Woods


What is the best use of tax dollars?  The government initiative “Land for Maines Future”, created in 1987 has the mission to permanently protect and preserve lands that have exceptional natural or recreational value.  With bonds over the years of 35, 50 and 12 million overwhelmingly supported their is currently no more money left to seek new land to conserve.  To date, 440,000 acres have been protected through outright purchases as well as conservation easements, including over 113 miles of shorefront.  

For a state that has seen real estate prices soar in its southern areas, the program has been key in helping to ensure tht the last bastion of undeveloped land continues to be preserved, the Northern Woods.  Change is inevitable and with timber companies such as Plum Creek still holding the vast majority of undeveloped land it is essential that this program operates to ensure the balance of power is kept between development and conservation.

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