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Commercial Real Estate in Portland’s Bayside Area


February 14th is the date slated for the opening of the first Whole Foods Market in Portland, a 46,000 square foot project at the corner of Franklin and Somerset in Portland’s Bayside region, on the back side of the East end.  A stones throw away from competitors Wild Oats and Hannaford this project will employ over 200 Maine residents and serve as a preliminary infusion of invesment into an area of town that is set to see over 240 million in investment over the coming years, including high end residential condos, a luxury cruise ship terminal, and retail/office space expansion. 

The redevelopment of this 110 acre industrial neighborhood is part of Portlands master plan to improve areas around the city that have not seen the drastic transformations and infusions of capital for improvement that areas including “the Old Port” and Eastern Promenade have over the past 10-15 years.  From the city website: “Bayside is intended to be an attractive urban gateway featuring a mix of uses, compact and intensive development as an extension of the downtown.”  Read more here…

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