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Bath Maine Housing Statistics released


Having enjoyed putting together the housing statistics on Portland Maine, here are some current statistics on the Bath Maine real estate markets. To date there are 120 or so properties on the market, with all but 15 being Single family homes.  There are an additional 32 multi unit properties for sale right now as well.  Given 126 total homes sold in 2006 for an everage price of around 180K, the inventory is extremely unhealthy and high right now as the market absorbtion rate is around 1 year. I personally can’t believe how many great deals there are in houses under 150K out there right now, yet nobody seems to be buying. In 2005 the average Days on market was 69 for residential. In 2006 it was about 85, thus far in 2007 it is at 120!  For all the housing statistics on Bath Maine as well as tons of fresh, new overview information recently compilied, check out the new improved real estate in Bath Maine page on my site.

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