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Where to find information on real estate in Maine


This blog for starters :)

I love to study the housing markets in Maine, but I often find it quite challenging to find quality, legitimate, useful information on how the markets are actually doing as everybody has a slant and bias!

The websites below I feel offer useful, informative housing information and commentary on Maine real esate.

  • Maine Association of Realtors – they release monthly statistics on the entire state.
  • Portland Maine Homes and Condos – A blog with housing statistics on the greater Portland residential housing markets
  • Mid Coastal Maine Real Estate – Informative blog on real estate in Lower Mid Coastal Maine
  • Maine Coast Properties Blog – Great resource with commentary on Mid Coastal Maine around Damariscotta
  • Northern Maine Real Estate – Andrew Moore is a real estate agent in Northern Maine and one of the few if only bloggers in the area!

Stay tuned for my next posting to discuss the best place to find real estate listings in Maine on the internet!

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