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Will they Develop?


The lower Mid Coast Maine real estate markets currently have numerous housing projects primarily of the condo variety poised and ready to be built, will it happen, when will it happen?  Points East in Wiscasset, 75 cottages and 160 condo’s coupled with a high end marina,  BathPort in Bath, 24 (I believe) luxury units on the Kennebec River and Popham Woods in Phippsburg, 60 or so units on 100 acres of land clost to Popham Beach all  geared towards the Baby Boomer surge from the South. 2nd homes and retirement homes, the price tags on these units are not cheap, ranging from 300K for a one bedroom unit  to $1,000,000 for the largest and best views these 3 projects represent a trend that will continue if the buyers will buy.  To date it seems the sales of the units have been sluggish from word of mouth and rumor, no facts substantiate this opinion but it is my thoughts that the projects will move forward, perhaps a bit slower than expected, the units will sell, perhaps at lower price tags than currently proposed and parties will continue to relocate and retire to the lower mid-coast regions of this great state.

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