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About Us

Thanks for stopping by MainePropertyBlog.com.

This site is maintained and updated by John Herrigel, a local Portland Maine real estate broker servicingthe greater Portland and lower mid coastal regions around Bath and Brunswick.

When not selling real estate I enjoy the outdoors as best I can. Having spent and continuing to spend every summer of my life on this great coast, specifically Phippsburg, I spend a ton of time messing around in sailboats and motorboats!

2 years ago I even took a 6 month hiatus from real estate to sail from Maine to the Caribbean and back aboard our dear S/V Audax!
View trip blog here.

I currently live in Portland, help co-direct a local kids summer camp during the summer months and stay as active as I can in the community.

I encourage you to reach out anytime and check back often to stay abreast of the real estate markets in Maine.